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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 8: Fools of Engagement

Merry Christmas everyone!! This is the episode right before Christmas! While we are freezing in our homes, the ladies are bathing in the sun in the third part of the Anguilla trip. Gone with the wind fabulous makes a comeback and Porsha hopes she doesn’t twirl off a cliff. The ladies discuss Kenya’s behavior and Nene realizes that this is the Kenya everyone has been talking about.
Cynthia does side with Kenya because she feels as though Porsha should not have called Kenya all those names. Kenya heads up to the room and tells Walter about the war that just went on. Kenya says that she just opened the door for Porshato be relevant just like Vanessa Williams opened the door for her to be relevant. 

Kenya is a part of history after all! The next day Nene visits Kandi and tells her all about the fight. She demonstrates her the “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” pose and Kandi laughs. Nene and Kandi go on to talk about their differences. Nene feels like most of the girls were against her when she would fight with Kim and Kandi feels like Nene would diss Kandi’s accomplishments. The two have a very healthy discussion about their feelings and surprisingly it does not get out of hand! They both speak their peace and hug it out! Porsha is next to talk to her boo about the fight. She explains everything to him while he does weird gestures lol. He says things like “you went there? Oh ok” and “oh? The b word?”  kind of funny! Kordell tells her to put it behind her because she is a grown woman.

The ladies pack up to have lunch but before they head off Kenya wants to have a conversation with the ladies before the day begins. Kenya says sorry to Porsha and says her side of the story but does not let anyone weigh in on her story. The conversation consisted of Kenya and Kenya only. Anyone else is going to get shut down! They ladies and their men head off to lunch on a wonderful table overlooking the ocean. As the tide comes in, the water hits and brushes their feet. During lunch time, Kenya hands Cynthia a book signed by Vanessa Williams. She does so because when they met, Cynthia did not know whether Vanessa Williams was before or after Kenya’s pageant time. Cynthia, offended, schools Kenya about what she meant but still appreciates the book. She tells Kenya that she is not from the pageant world which is why she does not know about who came first. Kenya says she doesn’t have to know about the pageant world to know about history. (do I hear a history lesson coming on?). Cynthia calls her ignorant.
They continue their talk on the beach. Cynthia and Kenya discuss the events in the Bailey Agency. Cynthia tells Kenya that she is inappropriate and her remarks were very harsh. I agree with Cynthia. Even though you don’t like someone for an interview, you thank them anyways and move on. You don’t tarnish their spirits which is what Kenya did. Kenya denies ever having a bad intent and even goes on to say that the girls thanked her for her criticism. Cynthia still tries to get through to her and tell her that its not her call to make since it is not her establishment. At this point, Kenya turns a blind ear to Cynthia and throws herself on the sand. Childish? Yes.
Later that night, everyone puts on their best clothes and go to out to dinner. The group talks about a variety of subjects when Peter calls out the men to stand up. He says something very nice to each one of them but when he gets to Walter, that’s where the trouble starts. He confesses that he didn’t think they were a real couple at first but once he got to know them, things changed. He also mentions to Walter that the pressure is on to pop the question since Kenya has been saying that Walter is going to propose on the trip. Walter tells the group that he is not proposing because he is not going to feel pressured into marriage. All the ladies share their engagement stories and this upsets Kenya. When the food arrives, Kenya does not eat because she has lost her appetite. Kenya goes off and sits on a bench somewhere else. Walter goes after her and finds Kenya crying. She and Walter have an argument about marriage. Walter raises his voice and makes his point clear that he did not lead her on and that he is open to the idea of eloping but that does not mean it is going to happen right now. Kenya walks off and Walter walks off in the opposite direction. Phaedra and Apollo try to talk to Kenya and give her a pep talk. They are seen walking off and walking back to the others.
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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