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The Real Housewives Support 'The Hurricane Sandy Project'

In case you don't follow @BillyCharlesNY on Twitter, let me give you a quick summary regarding Billy's blog Billy created he's blog to talk about everyday pop culture, Real Housewives, Bravo, Music, etc. Within a few days of the debut of his blog it quickly recveived over 20K views within the first week of it's release. After interviewing a few celebs, writing recaps etc, everything changed as Hurricane Sandy affected the East Coast and Billy quickly used his blogging abilities and connections to Real Housewives and people in the entertainment industry to help him do a PSA, and he created "The Hurrican Sandy Project".

Here's The Hurrican Sandy Project PSA Video:

This PSA video features the following Real Housewives: Lynda Erkiletian (RHODC), Alexis Bellino (RHOC), Aviva Dresher (RHONY), Teresa Giudice (RHONJ), and Heather Thompson (RHONY) among other Bravoloebs and celebrities.
I asked Billy directly what was his motivation in creating "The Hurricane Sand Project" and this is what he responded: "Hello! It's Billy :) What inspired me was the people that I know who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy's devastation and I wanted to do what I could to help raise awareness on the importance of donating to disaster relief and relay the message that natural disasters can happen anywhere , at anytime, and just be cause an individual is not affected you never know what the future holds. I also wanted to let people feel like they can make a difference by donating because a lot of people also feel helpless at times such as these."

Here's the Press Release of Hurricane:
I created The Hurricane Sandy Project to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. I hope to achieve this by reaching out and promoting awareness. We are letting people know that even if they are not directly affected by this tragedy, natural disasters do not discriminate and they are not isolated incidents. Natural disasters are a global issue. Tragedies like these can happen anywhere, at any time, and can happen to anyone. You can never truly be prepared.
I reached out to several of my friends on Twitter, along with celebrities from the music and entertainment industry, to make a Public Service Announcement video in support of the cause. The PSA video will be utilizing a script that I created for The Hurricane Sandy Project Campaign asking people to donate to a charity for those suffering from Sandy's devastation. We decided to promote The Red Cross as our campaign platform with the PSA. We believe The Red Cross are leaders when it comes to disaster relief as well as a time honored and trusted organization. Through the PSA and promotion we will be linking the official Red Cross page: so viewers can be directed there to the help people affected by Super storm Sandy.
 “Natural disasters do not discriminate, they can happen anywhere. By helping someone today you could be helping yourself tomorrow. Please make a difference and donate to The Red Cross now”
The Hurricane Sandy Project Campaign will strategize different ways to raise money for the cause. What started as a seed of an idea Sunday November 5, 2012, has now grown and is coming to fruition...we have many great names and talents involved!
I am working with Designer Deb Di Simone, from, on creating fashion forward Custom Shirts (each hand made with appliques) to sell for The H.S.P. They will be $24.00 including shipping and $10 from each shirt sold will go to The Red Cross Super storm Sandy Disaster Relief."
For more information on how to donate, and how to purchase Hurricane Sandy Project t-shirts and jewelry please visit The Official HSP Press Release Page here.
Follow Billy on Twitter: @BillyCharlesNY

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