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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Ep. 4: Unmoved

The episode starts off with Kim complaining about moving out of her dream home once again. I like Kim but at this point I’m over it. I understand she’s pregnant, and she’s tired with having 3 kids to take care off but she does have a nanny and also an assistant in “Sweeeeeeeeeeeetie!” (Sorry just had to do it lol).

Kim has always been lazy, and that’s the truth. I like her but I have to call her out on it. While Kim is having trouble packing and moving her stuff we see Kandi packing her stuff from her old house since she is going to lease it. We see Kandi throwing shades at Kim throughout the episode and I love it. Why do I love it? Drama that’s why!

Porsha is still upset at Kenya’s behavior at her charity event and tells her hubby she will not be friends with her. Phaedra takes baby Ayden to get his haircut since they are getting ready to throw him his birthday party. And who do we see?... The return of Dwight! Or is it Dwrong? LOL! Dwight once again organizes the birthday party. The birthday party is held at an aquarium and it ends with everyone enjoying a private dolphin’s show in the aquarium.  
Kenya and her boyfriend Walter meets Kenya’s family for the first time. At first it was awkward but being the smart man that Walter is, he won Kenya’s family over. Walter tells Kenya’s aunt that he wants to take it slow but Kenya wants rush everything which he is not digging. Next we see NeNe and Cynthia meeting for lunch and they discuss about Kim and how NeNe is really over her. NeNe tells Cynthia how Phaedra booty dialed a friend of hers in which Phaedra says she doesn’t care about Cynthia. NeNe plays a recording that was sent to her by her friend and Phaedra does say she doesn’t give a F**K about Cynthia.

Kenya invites Walter over for dinner and microwaves dinner. Kenya adds a bit of the food in a skillet to make Walter believe she cooked dinner, which we all know she didn’t. Kenya is very slick I may add. Kenya lets Walter know she wants the ring, marriage and babies which kind of puts off Walter. Kim starts moving her stuff back to her old townhouse and is overwhelmed by the move. Lastly we Phaedra and Cynthia meet for lunch and Cynthia decides to confront Phaedra about the recording that NeNe played her about Phaedra not giving the F about her. Phaedra quickly denies it. Cynthia gives Phaedra another chance for her to come clean and Phaedra denies it once again. Cynthia lets Phaedra she has a copy of the recording and is willing to play it for her and Phaedra quickly changes the subject talking about having a mosquito bite on her boob which we all know Phaedra got caught and didn’t want to face it. Next episode looks like it’s going to be Kim’s last appearance for this season, we just have to wait and see. Until next time!
Written by iRealHousewives
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