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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Dublin Wives' Dr. Danielle Meagher

Danielle is first and foremost a professional; her passion for her career has led her tremendous success by running her company, which she is the president and owner of DermaFace. However don’t let her looks fool you, she is smart, sexy, and is not afraid to tell it like it is and stand on her own. Danielle talks about Dublin Housewives drama, career, and more in this exclusive interview with iRealHousewives

iRH: Hi Danielle, welcome to iRealHousewives, how are you?  
DM: I am really good thanks as I have just come back from London. I was working in London Thursday & Friday and then stayed on for the weekend, as my agent invited me to a Garden Party in George Michael’s house. It was lovely and I even got to meet the Spice Girls. I am also really excited that Dublin Housewives is reaching as far as America. I love America and I love Americans they are so hardworking, people often say I have the work ethic of an American. I also love that Americans don't drink as much as the Irish and that they also hate smoking mostly.

iRH: How did you join to be part of “Dublin Housewives”?  
DM: I was approached by one of the producers who I've known a long time.  
iRH: What ultimately made you decide to join the show?  
DM: While I had reservations and at times I was afraid of what I was doing, but most of the time I was always more afraid of 'not doing the show' than actually doing the show.
iRH: Besides Jo, did you know any of the other ladies prior to filming?  
DM: I did not know Jo before filming, we only met last December and while we clicked straight away and she was by far my favorite, I felt she betrayed me when we went to Kinsale in Co Cork. Looking at the footage when it aired, it was clear that the betrayal started before I went to Monaco which was about 3 weeks previously. I knew Lisa as she is a real lady and I am a big fan of her partner, they are a lovely couple. Virginia I knew of, but was never that enamored by and even less so having had to work with her, and in light of a recent diatribe voicemail she left on my phone. Roz is easily influenced by Virginia, but is actually quite cool and has a really lovely family.
iRH: When did you all started filming Dublin Housewives?  
DM: We started in January 2012
iRH: Have you ever seen “The Real Housewives” US series version? If so, which ones are your favorites?  
DM: Yes I loved the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, I thought Dana Wilkey was hilarious with the 25,000 dollar glasses. When we do scenes with her I am going to wear 25 dollar sunglasses.
iRH: In your opinion, what makes Dublin Housewives different from the US/Canadian “Real Housewives”?  
DM: I think it has the Irish humor and quick wit, and I know my one liners were superb and obviously it has me in it so I am the first clinician to partake in a reality TV show and so I guess I bring more brains to the show! I am definitely more PHD than GHD.
iRH: Speaking of USA, there is a rumor floating around that Dana Wilkey from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is joining the show, can you confirm this?  
DM: We were due to film scenes with Dana this weekend but she has pulled out. I think it's because she is wary of me because she met her recent boyfriend on 4th of July and in fact I think she now knows that he pursued me for ages, and obviously I wasn't interested as he is too old and I think now she is afraid to film with me.  
iRH: I saw an article and there’s tension between you and Dana, is this true?  
DM: Oh “The Daily Mail” on Sunday always write 'creative' articles.  The old adage 'Don't believe everything you read in the press' is so true.  I haven't met her as yet, but she apparently got on well with Virginia, so I doubt I'll have much in common with her. Maybe she is lovely I don't know.
iRH: Is she making a cameo appearance or will she be joining the show as an official cast member?
DM: She is due to make a cameo appearance as I said this weekend, but she has decided not to fly in to do it. Series 2 has not yet been commissioned and won't apparently be commissioned until the second half of Series 1 has aired, so talking about Series 2 is like talking about Christmas in JULY.
iRH: Do you know why TV3 decide to only air 4 episodes and left the show on hiatus?  
DM: It was always the plan. In Ireland the kids finish school end May, so everybody goes away, so it was always the plan to split Series 1 into two halves. I can't speak for the others but I was filming up until 2 weeks ago still.
iRH: Are you still filming for Season 1 of Dublin Housewives?  
DM: Yes we have another couple of days of 'pick ups' and apparently the producers still want to film us all with Dana Wilkey.  
iRH: Can you confirm the show will return in September?  
DM: Yes Yes Yes it's definitely coming back with a bang.
iRH: Have you been satisfied how you’ve been portrayed on the show so far?  
DM: Yes I came across as honest, hard working, hardnosed, self sufficient, independent and with a zero tolerance for BS which is exactly how I am in life.  
iRH: How did you react when you first saw yourself on TV?  
DM: I have done plenty other telly stuff as Expert Botox presenter both here and in UK. I participated in a big show in the UK which was brilliant as I was expert Botox presenter on that. I am happier in front of cameras, doing pre-record TV or live TV or radio than for example I ever would be giving a lecture. Telly work is fun to do and fun to watch, you just need to know that telly makes you look bigger, but the joy with reality TV is you don't have to look perfect all the time.
iRH: Some of the press has been pretty harsh on you, even calling you “the most hated housewife”, how do you deal with negative press?  
DM: The press has been wonderful. I get on great with the Irish press.  
iRH: You seem to be misunderstood in my opinion, maybe editing has a big factor, would you agree with that?  
DM: I think the editing was fine, and to be honest I was the person that everybody wanted to watch so press fine and editing fine.
iRH: The press has referenced you as Dr. Botox, does it bother you or do you embrace it?
DM: No, I don't embrace that title, but you cannot control the press.
iRH: Speaking of botox, you’ve been running your very own successful company DermaFace clinic, which provides anti wrinkle and anti-aging treatments such as botox, how did DermaFace start?  
DM: I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007 as a dentist, I then went on to complete additional training including a 2 year GDip in Aesthetic Medicine in London.  DermaFace started in 2007 and I now have two clinics and I work really hard and administer all the Botox injections myself.
iRH: You been successful in anti-aging field, what lead you to choose that career path?  
DM: I studied for 9 years to get to this point. I love what I do and am passionate about offering safe and aesthetically beautiful 'less is more' treatments.
iRH: How long have you been practicing?  
DM: I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007
iRH: Do you plan to expand DermaFace all over the UK in the future?  
DM: Well currently I am in Ireland. I have worked in the UK and indeed have dual registration in UK & Ireland. I have been approached yet again by a UK corporate. I think what would be great would be that if a UK or USA corporate at some stage bought DermaFace off me and I stayed on as clinical director still injecting. I don't want to have to manage clinics in two different countries as I feel there is only one of me. We'll see
iRH: Dr. Danielle, what’s the best advice you can give to my readers if they ever want to have botox procedure done?  
DM: Go to a reputable well known clinic. Do not go for Botox deals in a mall or beauty salon. Do your research and meet with the clinician before to discuss.
iRH: Is it true you were asked to do Celebrity Big Brother in the past?  
DM: There was talk of this, my goodness these are the best interview questions that have ever been put to me, you are a brilliant interviewer. I am not sure how serious they were.
iRH: Now that established a name for yourself in the entertainment business, if CBB approached you again, would you do it?
DM: I have no interest in being a celebrity, I want to pursue more expert presenting work and in fact I have just been signed to the presenter department at CURTIS BROWN agency in the UK, which is a huge agency and is also in the USA.  So I will pursue my expert presenting and work alongside some intelligent people going forward. I am not saying all the 'Dublin Housewives' were totally stupid, but I have 3 degrees, a masters in Aesthetic Medicine, have sailed across the Atlantic, have also a yachtmasters degree and some of the other four are totally ditzy and I would imagine that CBB would have similar type of f*ckwits so no, highly unlikely that I would entertain those sort of people.  Although one could argue that I would really stir things up in the CBB house? In fact the more I think of it, while I would make great TV in there I would hate being around loose eejits 24/7.
iRH: Any word if the show has been picked up for a season 2 yet?  
DM: All I can say is Season 2 is coming 
iRH: There have been reports that you don’t want to return back for a second season, can you clarify this?  
DM: I would consider it if they re-jigged the cast and also if I was exec producing it with my production company. My head is not in that space. There are cast and crew members I do not trust and yet the producer who produced all my scenes is such a good guy that I would really prefer to go off and do other projects with him on my own! We'll see.
iRH: There’s been a lot of tension between you and Virginia, can you tell us what lead you two to not get along?  
DM: She is rude, lacking in manner and decorum.  
iRH: What has been the public’s reaction when they see you in your regular life, outside of filming the show?  
DM: People are really really nice. I was out recently and I had nothing but love from absolutely everyone I met.
iRH: During the premier party you showed up wearing “I Love Botox” t-shirt which I thought it was genius, where can we get one cause I want one! 
DM: We can send you one if you want xxx
iRH: What can we expect on the return of “Dublin Housewives”?  
DM: I think more funny one liners from me, delivered with the most deadpan face and unwavering delivery. I think the next four episodes will be brilliant and I cannot wait to see them.
iRH: Any future projects what you can tell us?  
DM: Yes but mostly they are in the UK.
iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?  
DM: Gosh I don't know what to say to that other than just in life be true and honest and work hard and education is the key to success. Get your head in the books and study hard, a real man or woman makes their own luck. Dream and fulfill those dreams and then dream some more. Always have dreams and aspirations and let me tell you that you can make any dream come true. Girls paddle your own canoe, do not rely on a man or anyone other than yourself. Don't let anyone put you down or get in the way of your dreams, be winning at everything you do in life! Lots of Love and this is one of the best interviews I have EVER done xxxxxx Dr. Danielle
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